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Okay, so you know how I work by now right? I go on the hunt for a really hot guy, and sometimes I get emails or messages from buddies and readers who can suggest some hunk to feature. And then I come here and run a search to see if we’ve shows the pics or written about the guy before.
After a search on Benjamin Godfre I noticed that we’ve had a few posts featuring the young hunk before now, but none of them show images like these ones!
When I saw these pics I immediately knew that I had to have them in a post here, and that you guys would probably all be head over heels in love with these when you saw them. The guy is so hot, and to finally get to see him in all his glory after our posts of him showing off his hot young muscled body and that deliciously tempting bulge is a real treat!
I love everything about this dude, from his eyes and kissable lips, right down to his hot cock. And I’m pretty certain that I am not going to be alone in that. Appreciate the images, love them, drool over them, and check out our other posts on the stud to learn a little more. I just wanted to share these really hot images!
Benjamin GodfreBenjamin GodfreBenjamin GodfreBenjamin GodfreBenjamin GodfreBenjamin GodfreBenjamin Godfre
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